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Timney Featherweight Triggers are precision machined and hand-fitted to provide a crisp trigger pull. They feature a lightweight 6061 T6 alloy housing with machined and hardened S7 tool steel working surfaces. This FN SCAR 17 trigger is single stage and factory set at 3.5 lbs. The teflon nickel coated hammer ensures a smooth and crisp trigger. The self contained unit is a drop in fit and should require no gunsmith fitting or adjusting.

Trigger pull weight is not adjustable.

Since it was founded in 1946, Timney Triggers has built a reputation based on the quality of its products. Because of the precision machining and workmanship that goes into each Timney product they are The World's Finest Triggers.™ Each and every Timney Trigger is individually tested and calibrated by hand in the action it was designed for before it's delivered to the customer's door. 

FN SCAR Disconnect Adjustment

FN SCAR Disconnect Adjustment

The Disconnect adjustment screw controls the engagement of the trigger. The purpose of the disconnect is to prohibit your rifle from doubling by controlling the amount of overlap between the two hooks; one on the hammer and one on the trigger (The disconnect).

To adjust the distance you will loosen the nut and using a .050 Allen wrench turn the screw either clockwise or counter clockwise depending on the issue. If the trigger is not resetting you will turn the screw 1/8 of a turn clockwise. When the hammer is pushed past the point of cocking the two hooks should be as close as possible without making contact.

If the trigger is doubling you will turn the screw counter clockwise to reduce the amount of distance. When the hammer is pushed past the point of cocking the two hooks should be as close as possible without making contact. Every Timney trigger comes with a lifetime warranty and if necessary you can send the trigger to Timney for Warranty Repair.

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by CG
on 4/22/2016
from S.C
Excellent single stage
Works as advertised.  Excellent clean break and no mushy trigger feel.  900 rounds and no issues.
by Bill
on 6/29/2015
from Spring, Tx
Scar 17s
This is such an improvement over the factory trigger unit. 10-15 minutes total conversion time. Awesome results! I would highly recommend this for your Scar.
by Gene B.
on 11/3/2014
from Connecticut
Scar 17s Trigger
I am a shooter that gets by with stock triggers on everything. No big deal to me. However, the stock trigger on the Scar 17s is so bad, I either had to sell the gun or upgrade. It really feels like there is broken glass in the trigger housing. So I made the plunge. I picked the Timney over the Geissele for ease of installation. I like the self contained unit feature. So, after my first day at the range, my eyes have been opened. OMG ! It is a HUGE difference. Super short pull, feather light, and smooth as glass. Damn it, now I am gonna have to upgrade more guns... Seriously though, If your running a scar especially, you must upgrade. It is as simple as that.
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This trigger works with these rifles:

  • All Scar-H Models

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What Is Trigger Pull weight?

Pull weight is the amount of pressure, in ounces or pounds, required to fire the trigger. Or in other words, how hard you have to squeeze the trigger to shoot your rifle. Timney Trigger experts at our Phoenix, Arizona plant hand-test every trigger in its intended action and then set the pull weight at our factory standard, 3 lbs.

If you prefer a different pull weight you simply select it from the drop down above and your Timney Trigger will be customized to your preference.

The #1 reason to replace your factory trigger with a Timney is accuracy. A lighter, crisper, more consistent trigger pull will make you more accurate with your firearm.

Below is a guide for pull weight selection:

2-2.5 pounds

Light trigger pull weights are great for people shooting lighter weight rifles as they can help keep you on target during the shot. Also common weights for target shooting from a bench.

3-3.5 pounds

By far the most common trigger pull weights -this is great for virtually all applications including target shooting, hunting and 3-gun competitions.

4.0 pounds+

Heavy trigger pull weights are good for cold weather hunting or applications where you may be shooting with gloves on.