Remington 870 Trigger Fix

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The Timney Calvin Elite Series Triggers now feature Carbo Nitride Coating, which allows Timney the opportunity to provide you with the highest quality trigger available anywhere. The thermochemical process simultaneously diffuses nitrogen and carbon into the surface of ferrous metals. This coating is substantially harder than hardened tool steel and increases the long-term wear, provides exceptional corrosion resistance, far surpassing the military salt water corrosion standards and increases lubricity to your trigger. This provides your Timney with a lifetime of smooth edges because Timney understands the importance of, “Every shot counts.”

For the discriminating shooter, demanding the utmost performance from their trigger, Timney has created a new line of triggers designed to be robust and yet delicate enough to be set with a pull weight as low as 8 ounces. An engineering accomplishment, the Calvin Elite series of Timney Triggers feature wear components that are made from A2 tool steel, heat-treated to Rockwell 58 and Teflon-nickel coatings. Sears are wire EDM cut and triggers are CNC machine using state-of-the-art robotics. The lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum housings are CNC machined and anodized Timney Elite Gold. Standard on all Timney Triggers, sear engagement, pull weight, and overtravel are fully adjustable to allow the shooter to customize trigger feel and function.

The Calvin Elite Series of triggers are named for Calvin Motley, Timney’s design genius, who is responsible for such award-winning triggers as the Timney AR drop-in trigger, Remington 700 with unique trigger blocking safety and loads of other critically acclaimed replacement triggers.

Since it was founded in 1946, Timney Triggers has built a reputation based on the quality of its products. Because of the precision machining and workmanship that goes into each Timney product they are The World's Finest Triggers.™ Each and every Timney Trigger is individually tested and calibrated by hand in the action it was designed for before it's delivered to the customer's door. 


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by Jeff K
on 10/3/2017
from Minnesota
870 Super Slug
I just purchased the timney trigger fix for my 870.  It was extremely easy to put in.  It only took about 10 minutes to install.  The trigger is now awesome.  the best one I own, and I have several guns with high end and/or custom triggers.  In my slug zone area I regularly shoot 150yds or more.  This trigger will help a ton!  I recommend it to anyone that is thinking about getting one.   Awesome!
by WesB
on 2/8/2017
from Missouri
Remington 7600 Trigger Upgrade
I installed this trigger upgrade in my Remington 7600 Carbine with a factory gritty, creepy 4.5# trigger.  

Installation requires attention but was not difficult.  I did have one spring get away from me before I remembered my trick of putting a rubber band on it and wrapping it around a finger so if it gets loose it can't go anywhere.  Then I just cut the rubber band and remove it.  

I was able to use another spring and with the adjustment I got the trigger I wanted with just a faint hint of creep which will not be noticeable when shooting it and will likely go away with use.

The instructions were complete but one picture was poor quality. I used the instructions on the internet.

One thing to watch, during the process the magazine release came off.  It took me awhile to figure out how it is installed and then find a tricky way to get it back on there.  Next time I'd wrap something around the trigger group at that location to avoid that!

Vast improvement, well worth it!
by Glenn
on 12/25/2016
from Iowa
I own 3
I have installed two of these on 870s and one on an 11-87. They are now the best triggers that I own.
by Jeff King
on 9/29/2016
from E. Texas
Much better than factory
I installed two of these , one in a 1972 vintage Rem 1100 I bought overseas in a NATO rod and gun club, the other in a 1100 LT I picked up last year.  Honestly four hands would have helped, along with better pictures and instructions.  It really would help too if you would offer as a accessory tool, or increase the price a couple of dollars and include a bullet pin to guide the carrier group pin.  That is very difficult reinstall, all I had was a good set of Starret push pins and center punches to help guide and align things.  

After completed the trigger pull is much lighter and crisper, as a rifle shooter I appreciate a lighter pull, so used the lightweight spring and got a pull of just under 2 lbs.
by Fred Young
on 9/15/2015
from Camano Island Washington
870 Trigger fix
I purchased and installed the kit in my 870 pump. I chose the middle action spring and am very pleased with the result. No creap just a constant pull until it lets off. 
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This trigger works with these rifles:

  • 1100 series shotguns
  • 74 series pump action rifles
  • 742 Semi Auto Rifle
  • 7600 series pump action rifles
  • All 870 Actions
  • Model 1187
  • Model 4
  • Model 750 Woodmaster
  • Model 760 rifle
  • Model 762 rifle
  • Model 878
  • Remington 552 Speedmaster
  • Sportsman 12

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What Is Trigger Pull weight?

Pull weight is the amount of pressure, in ounces or pounds, required to fire the trigger. Or in other words, how hard you have to squeeze the trigger to shoot your rifle. Timney Trigger experts at our Phoenix, Arizona plant hand-test every trigger in its intended action and then set the pull weight at our factory standard, 3 lbs.

If you prefer a different pull weight you simply select it from the drop down above and your Timney Trigger will be customized to your preference.

The #1 reason to replace your factory trigger with a Timney is accuracy. A lighter, crisper, more consistent trigger pull will make you more accurate with your firearm.

Below is a guide for pull weight selection:

2-2.5 pounds

Light trigger pull weights are great for people shooting lighter weight rifles as they can help keep you on target during the shot. Also common weights for target shooting from a bench.

3-3.5 pounds

By far the most common trigger pull weights -this is great for virtually all applications including target shooting, hunting and 3-gun competitions.

4.0 pounds+

Heavy trigger pull weights are good for cold weather hunting or applications where you may be shooting with gloves on.