• Calvin Elite Remington Model 700

Calvin Elite Remington Model 700

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For the discriminating shooter, demanding the utmost performance from their trigger, Timney has created a new line of triggers designed to be robust and yet delicate enough to be set with a pull weight as low as 8 ounces. An engineering accomplishment, the Calvin Elite series of Timney Triggers feature wear components that are made from A2 tool steel, heat-treated to Rockwell 58 and Teflon-nickel coatings. Sears are wire EDM cut and triggers are CNC machine using state-of-the-art robotics. The lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum housings are CNC machined and anodized Timney Elite Gold.

The Timney Calvin Elite Series Triggers  feature Carbo Nitride Coating, which allows us the opportunity to provide you with the highest quality trigger available anywhere.  The thermochemical process simultaneously diffuses nitrogen and carbon into the surface of ferrous metals. This coating is substantially harder than hardened tool steel and increases the long-term wear, provides exceptional corrosion resistance, far surpassing the military salt water corrosion standards and increases lubricity to your trigger. This provides your Timney with a lifetime of smooth edges because we understand the importance of, “Every shot counts.”

The Calvin Elite Series of triggers are named for Calvin Motley, Timney’s design genius, who is responsible for such award-winning triggers as the Timney AR drop-in trigger, Remington 700 with unique trigger blocking safety and loads of other critically acclaimed replacement triggers.

  • Self-contained drop in trigger.
  • Lightweight 6061-T6 CNC Machined aluminum housing with Wire EDM cut, Heat treated Tool steel trigger and sears.
  • Featuring a double sear design.
  • Timney Golden Elite colored housing.
  • Two position, trigger blocking side safety.
  • Fully adjustable Sear Engagement, Over-travel, and pull weight from 8oz.-2.5lbs.
  • Available in blue(black) and Nickel Plated.
  • Teflon nickel coated Sears to guarantee a lifetime of reliable service.


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by Sam Wactor
on 10/24/2016
from Texas
Great trigger for the 700
My factory trigger was a piece of crap. My Rifle, a Remington 700 Sendero in 300 Win Mag, about 86 year model. 
The factory trigger was breaking at 6-6.5 lbs. I needed to drop down to a 2.5 lb trigger. I tried the adjustment procedure several times on the factory trigger with no reasonable success.
After making numerous attempts, the trigger was not consistent. It would break at 1-3/4 to 3 lbs and was still sloppy. 

After installing the Timney Calvin Elite I was very impressed. 
The trigger came set at 8 oz from the factory and I tested it more than 20 times with the trigger breaking at 8 oz plus or minus 1 oz. I left it set it 8 oz until I make a range trip to see if 8 oz might be to light for me. The trigger is adjustable up to 2-1/2 lbs.   
by Jeff King
on 9/29/2016
from E. Texas
Great Trigger
I got my Calvin Elite trigger in today and installed it in about 40 minutes.  If the rear pin on my rifle that also retains the bolt stop and spring were not so loose that the spring slipped off before I could see exactly how it were installed it probably would have been a 15-20 minute job.   After figuring that out and getting the trigger in place, I was surprised to see it was factory adjusted at 8 oz or just above, much better than my 45-46 year old factory trigger that was at about 4.5 lbs.  Now to get it to the range.
by Josh Hendershott
on 9/19/2015
from Columbia, MO
Couldn't be happier
Replaced my factory Remington 700 trigger due to the recall with the Calvin Elite. Wow! Thats all I can say. Set it at 1.5 and headed out to the range. I'm shooting a 300 WSM and wanted to take out all of the flinch. This trigger is so crisp and it breaks perfectly eliminating all flinch. My groups shrunk .5 moa. You won't be sorry. Buy the Calvin Elite.
by John McCorkle
on 12/3/2014
from United States
great trigger
Recently purchased as a replacement for Remington x mark stock trigger. Great trigger, very pleased! Very crisp and adjustable down to a very low pull weight...repeatable/consistent sear engagement and break. No grittines just smooth. Highly recommended as a replacement for any build target/tactical and light years better than x mark stock trigger. Easy install...all around great craftsmanship.
by Stephen Curl
on 9/23/2014
from Waterloo Iowa
great trigger at a great price
I bought this trigger to compare to a jewel trigger I had on another rifle. The only thing i was unhappy about is that after installing the trigger on my remington 700 vls the gun would not go back together properly as the trigger guard was too wide and pushed down the bolt release so the bolt would not stay in the gun when cycling the bolt. After thinking about this  i decided to file and grind the trigger guard. I then repainted the trigger guard and put it back in the gun and everything worked great.I thought maybe Timney should know about this problem with the vls model 700 rifle. Overall I was very impressed with this trigger.A nice clean break with no creep. This trigger met all the safety checks from 8ozs to 2.5 lbs and seems to be everything Timney says it is. I would have to rate this trigger as good or better than my jewel. I highly recommend this trigger for all rem. varmint rifles and the price is about 40.00 cheaper than a Jewel. This trigger is a real winner for Timney!!
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This trigger works with these rifles:

  • All 700 Actioned clones
  • Christensen Arms Carbon One
  • Les Bear Tactical Bolt Action
  • Model 673
  • Model 700 200th Ann. LTD. ED.
  • Model 700 5-R Series Gen 2
  • Model 700 ADL 200th Ann CE
  • Model 700 American Wilderness Rifle
  • Model 700 BDL
  • Model 700 CDL
  • Model 700 CDL SF
  • Model 700 Long Range
  • Model 700 Magpul
  • Model 700 Mountain Stainless Steel
  • Model 700 Sendero SF II
  • Model 700 SPS
  • Model 700 SPS Camo
  • Model 700 SPS Compact
  • Model 700 SPS Stainless
  • Model 700 SPS Tactical
  • Model 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD
  • Model 700 SPS Threaded Barrel
  • Model 700 SPS Varmint
  • Model 700 Stainless 5-R Mil - Spec
  • Model 700 Stainless 5-R Threaded Barrel
  • Model 700 Tactical Chassis
  • Model 700 Varmint SF
  • Model 700 VLS
  • Model 700 VTR
  • Model 700 VTR Stainless Steel
  • Model 700 XCR Compact Tactical
  • Model 700 XCR Tactical
  • Model 721
  • Model 722
  • Model 725
  • Nesika Tactical Action
  • Remington XP-100R
  • Sendero Reminton M722

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What Is Trigger Pull weight?

Pull weight is the amount of pressure, in ounces or pounds, required to fire the trigger. Or in other words, how hard you have to squeeze the trigger to shoot your rifle. Timney Trigger experts at our Phoenix, Arizona plant hand-test every trigger in its intended action and then set the pull weight at our factory standard, 3 lbs.

If you prefer a different pull weight you simply select it from the drop down above and your Timney Trigger will be customized to your preference.

The #1 reason to replace your factory trigger with a Timney is accuracy. A lighter, crisper, more consistent trigger pull will make you more accurate with your firearm.

Below is a guide for pull weight selection:

2-2.5 pounds

Light trigger pull weights are great for people shooting lighter weight rifles as they can help keep you on target during the shot. Also common weights for target shooting from a bench.

3-3.5 pounds

By far the most common trigger pull weights -this is great for virtually all applications including target shooting, hunting and 3-gun competitions.

4.0 pounds+

Heavy trigger pull weights are good for cold weather hunting or applications where you may be shooting with gloves on.