AR Targa 2-Stage Short Trigger

Timney AR-15 Triggers are designed to fit all mil-spec AR-15/ M4 platforms, including the large pin Colt Rifles made in the 90’s.
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The new Timney AR Targa 2-Stage Trigger with a SHORT first stage take-up is a self-contained, 100% drop-in unit that is ready to install in your AR-15 for an exceptionally smooth, crisp, two-stage trigger pull. No gunsmithing, fitting, or adjusting required.

The pull weight is factory calibrated for a TWO-pound first stage and a TWO-pound second stage. The trigger housing is constructed of military grade, 6061 T6 alloy that is CNC machined using state-of-the-art robotics and is anodized for superior durability. The hammer is wire EDM cut from S7 tool steel, combining hardness to resist wear with superior impact resistance to withstand heavy use without chipping or breaking and is Teflon-nickel coated for lubricity. Other components are wire EDM cut from A2 tool steel, then heat treated to Rockwell 58 for long lasting, dependable service life.

The Timney AR Targa 2 Stage Trigger installs using your rifle’s original hammer/trigger pins – Timney's proprietary design eliminates pin rotation and walkout.

Timney Triggers is dedicated to ensuring our customers a lifetime of hassle free shooting enjoyment. That is evident in the last step of the manufacturing process, when each trigger is hand assembled, tested, and calibrated for the specific rifle model it is intended for before it’s delivered to the customer’s door. Timney Triggers is proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all of their products and each trigger is proudly Made in the USA.

Since it was founded in 1946, Timney Triggers has built a reputation based on the quality of its products. Because of the precision machining and workmanship that goes into each Timney product they are The World's Finest Triggers.™ Each and every Timney Trigger is individually tested and calibrated by hand in the action it was designed for before it's delivered to the customer's door. 

AR-15 Pins falling out:
AR-15 Pins falling out
When installing your Timney Calvin Elite AR-15 trigger be sure to tighten down the set screws once the pins and safety are in place. No torque wrench is necessary, hand tightening should be sufficient. 

AR-15 disconnect screw:

AR rifle double fires:

AR doubling can be caused by several factors including incorrect installation procedure, disconnect distance being incorrect, or user error. If the trigger is installed correctly and the distance is correct the issue can be the response to recoil of the shooter. This is frequently an issue with prone shooting since it is more difficult to get a good tight shoulder weld on the stock due to the angle.

Timney’s AR line of triggers feature a very short reset. That short reset is critically important for fast follow up shots. A shooter can essentially relax a finger and the springs will guide the hammer to reset the trigger for the next shot. While this feature is a premier function of the AR trigger it is also a contributing factor in double fires if the shoulder is not snug to the stock during shooting.

The recoil pushes the stock into the shoulder, the shooter stays in the trigger squeeze through the shot, following through to the end of the range of motion. If the shoulder is not square and or snug so the recoil is properly absorbed by the body, the rifle will recoil forward from the shoulder and because the reset is so short the rifle will fire a second time. This is commonly referred to as a bump fire or bounce fire.

To prevent double firing be sure to keep the shoulder snug to the stock through the shot. If the rifle recoil causes it to bump off of the shoulder relax your finger so that you don’t inadvertently squeeze off a second shot.

Practice squeezing slowly and deliberately through the shot, squeeze the trigger until the range of motion has stopped. Once it is complete slowly relax the finger, listen and feel for the triggers reset. You will not need to pull the finger off the trigger but rather relax into the reset of the trigger. Once you have found the reset be sure to feel for it when shooting from other shooting positions, especially prone or from a bench/shooting stand.

Tech Tips Downloads

Disconnect Adjustment.pdf
AR 15 Pins Falling Out.pdf
AR Rifle Double Fires.pdf
AR Rifle Double Fires.pdf
AR Trigger Instructions.pdf


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by Brandon
on 11/25/2017
from Galveston
Didn’t realize what I was missing out on.
This trigger is amazing. I replaced the factory Daniel Defense trigger with this and the groups tightened way up. Easy to install and looks to be of good quality. Would recommend this product to a friend.  
by Bryan
on 11/16/2017
from Savannah
Timney 2 stage
I wish I could rate this trigger better than a 5, it deserves a 10!!! Well done Timmey! I have over 60 firearms and will have a Timney trigger in every one some day! Amazing quality made in the USA!!! Keep up the good work ladies and gentlemen!! #avidhunterandcollector
by Ronald Ritter
on 1/21/2017
from North Carolina
Great two -stage trigger
Bought the AR Targa 2-Stage Short Trigger for my AR (223).  Easy to install just like they advertise.  A must for anyone needing more trigger control. Improve my group by at least 50%.
by Brian W.
on 9/7/2016
from WI
Great trigger for my AR-10
I contacted Timmney about this trigger when it first came out.  Only the straight trigger was listed on the web site.  The staff asked me to to just try it and see what I thought and if I didn't like it they would replace it for me at no cost.  I wanted the curved but they were not sure if production would be ready in time.

To my surprise the curved trigger is what showed up at my door a few days latter.

I placed the trigger in a DPMS G2 in 308 with a 24" bull barrel.  I am now able to keep rounds down to a 1/4 MOA out to 1,100 yards.  I am very happy with this trigger, no creep and a very nice clean break.  

I will be getting another for my AR-15 as well.  

Everyone that has tried the rifle really likes it as well.  I would highly recommend this trigger to anyone.  

Nice work Timmney   
by Wade Hughes
on 8/11/2016
from Kansas
Great 2 stage
Very fast and very accurate. The trigger has a short take up to solid wall with crisp break and a fast short reset. What more could you ask out of a trigger. Great drop in product.
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Timney AR-15 Triggers are designed to fit all mil-spec AR-15/ M4 platforms, including the large pin Colt Rifles made in the 90’s.

This trigger works with these rifles:

  • All Military Spec Built Lowers
  • Mossberg MMR Hunter
  • Mossberg MMR Tactical
  • Mossberg MMR Tactical w/sights

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What Is Trigger Pull weight?

Pull weight is the amount of pressure, in ounces or pounds, required to fire the trigger. Or in other words, how hard you have to squeeze the trigger to shoot your rifle. Timney Trigger experts at our Phoenix, Arizona plant hand-test every trigger in its intended action and then set the pull weight at our factory standard, 3 lbs.

If you prefer a different pull weight you simply select it from the drop down above and your Timney Trigger will be customized to your preference.

The #1 reason to replace your factory trigger with a Timney is accuracy. A lighter, crisper, more consistent trigger pull will make you more accurate with your firearm.

Below is a guide for pull weight selection:

2-2.5 pounds

Light trigger pull weights are great for people shooting lighter weight rifles as they can help keep you on target during the shot. Also common weights for target shooting from a bench.

3-3.5 pounds

By far the most common trigger pull weights -this is great for virtually all applications including target shooting, hunting and 3-gun competitions.

4.0 pounds+

Heavy trigger pull weights are good for cold weather hunting or applications where you may be shooting with gloves on.