Mauser Sportsman

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Pull Weight
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  • Fully adjustable 2-4 pounds trigger pull weight.
  • Light weight alloy housing.
  • Machined and hardened steel working surfaces.
  • Some stock inletting required.
  • Please see the compatibility chart for your Rifle 
  • Made in USA

What’s the difference between the Sportsman trigger and the Featherweight trigger for the 98 Mauser?

The difference in feel comes from the location of the trigger pivot pin. On the Featherweight models the pin is equidistant between the trigger and the sear. The perceived movement is much less noticeable and the feel is more like a modern sporting rifle. On the Sportsman models the pins location is higher in the housing giving the feeling of more movement at the trigger, resulting in more of a WWII battle rifle style of feel in that the movement is more noticeable.

Both the Sportsman and the Featherweight triggers have substantial adjustability which was never the case with the original triggers. You can adjust the trigger to your preferred feel and with the lighter pull weight trigger comes substantial increases in accuracy.


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by Ruan Pretorius on 4/13/2016 Anschutz M98
I was impressed with the quality of the product. Was slightly disappointed to see the edges of the locking nuts were rounded from a slipping wrench. Other than that the trigger is light and consistently crisp.
by Kurt on 3/5/2014 Great Trigger
Replaced the two stage on my M96 Swedish Mauser. Was really simple. Instruction prepared me for all sort of possible issue (a good thing to know in advance) and I had none of them. Piece of cake. Trigger is so nice and crisp. Cant wait to get to the range!

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M98 FN #101 works with these rifles:

(these rifles cock on opening and have a 2" trigger guard loop)
Argentine Model 1909
Belgian Models 1935 & 89/36
Bolivian Models 1909 & B-50
Brazilian Models 1907 & 1909
Chilean Model 1912
Chinese Models 1907 & 1908
Columbian Models 1912 & 29
Costa Rican Model 1910
Czech CZ Model 1924 (CZ 24 BRNO)
Czech Model 1933 GZ 47 Sporting
Czech Model CZ
Ecuadorian Model 1909
Ethiopian Models 1933 & 1924
German Models 33/40 & 98
Guatemalan Model 24
H&H Mauser
Hoffman Mauser
Husqvarna Mauser (Must use FD Model) Not the HVA action it has a round receiver and will not fit
Iranian Models 49 & 98/29
Lithuanian Model 1924
Mexican Models 1907, 1910, 1912,1936 & 1954
Paraguayan Models 1907 & 29
Parker-Hale Mauser Models
Peruvian Models 1909 & 1935
Polish Model 98
Portuguese Model 1904/M38
Romanian Model 24
SAKO Mauser
Santa Barbara (Must use FD Model)
Serbian Models 1910 & 98/09
Siamese Models 1904 & 45
Spanish Model 43
Standard Model
Turkish Models 1903 & 1946
Uruguayan Model 1909
Venezuelan Models 1910 & 1924/30
Westley-Richards 318 Magazine
Whitworth Mark X (FD Model only)
Yugoslavian Mark X (FD Model only)
Yugoslavian Models 1924, 48 & 90T

M98 K #102 works with these rifles:

(these rifles cock on opening and have a 1.75" trigger guard loop)
German Model 40K
German Model 98K
Swedish Model 40
Swedish Model 98K
Please Note-not for straight pull 96 made in 96

M95-6 #103 works with these rifles:

(these rifles cock on closing)
Chilean Model 95
Chinese Model 95
Mexican Model 95
Persian Model 95
Spanish Model 95 & 96
Swedish Model 38
Swedish Model 41
Swedish Model 96
Swedish Model Sniper
Uruguayan Model 95